January 7, 2016 Minutes

John’s Island Council
Post Office Box 208
John’s Island, SC 29457
Members attending: Chris Cannon, Sam Brownlee, Jean Townsend, Rich Jenkins, Henry Chavis, Gary Marino, John Kozma, Rich Thomas, Catherine Poag, Thomas Legare, Tim Squire, James Owens
Following the pledge of allegiance, the meeting was called to order.
Upon a motion duly made and seconded, the minutes of the December 3, 2015 meeting were approved.
Chairman’s Report:
Chair Chris Cannon brought up 2 rezoning requests that are currently being reviewed by Charleston County---one is the proposed Dollar General site on Main Road and the other is the proposed The Settlement site on Maybank Road.. Both of these were discussed at the December 3, 2016, JI Council meeting. Colin Cuskley of the Johns Island Conservancy had attended recent county meetings about both projects and had a report that he presented. That report is attached. The JI Conservancy’s position is that if a developer wants upzoning then there be should an offset of a “conservation easement” or “downzoning” of a portion of the property or some other appropriate offset/trade off provision. Upzoning increases the value of the property for the owner/developer. As at previous meetings, there was discussion about the rapid and excessive development on John’s Island and the tremendous strain it is putting on the Infrastructure on John’s Island. Thomas Legare made a motion that the JI Council oppose the PD zoning for The Settlement and that we authorize whoever attends the Zoning Meeting for JI Council to ask that the request for PD zoning be denied and to speak about what we had originally be told and ask for 5 acres of wetlands to be included in the PD as was originally proposed. JI Council is also in agreement with the points that the JI Conservancy will make. Rich Jenkins seconded. After some discussion, the motion was approved with Jean Townsend abstaining. With regard to the Dollar General rezoning request, Rich Jenkins moved that we agree with the changes proposed. Jean Townsend seconded. The motion was approved with Thomas Legare voting Nay.
Another item before County is the proposed redundant 16”waterline to Kiawah Island that the Kiawah Utility plans to build. The construction and part of the line will be on John’s Island along Briar’s Creek Club. DHEC has approved the line. Gary Marino, who is very knowledgeable about the drilling process involved, said that Meas Company is to be the contractor and he feels they are well qualified to run the project. The problem will be if there is a “blow out” while drilling under the river. This will be one of the largest and longest bores ever done. It will be terribly harmful to the marsh area and the Kiawah River for a very long time if anything goes wrong while drilling. Gary said it is crucial that someone from County carefully monitor at all times the drilling work being done. There was no motion on this project. Chris reported that there was nothing pending on John’s Island at the City Zoning/Planning meeting. Catherine Poag mentioned that the “Woodbury” development with access next to Fat Hen is gearing up and Henry Chavis asked about the “Gardens at River View Farm” which will have 82 units.
Treasurer’s Report:
Treasurer Sam Brownlee reported that the November ending bank balance is $637.00 for the checking account and the Scholar’s Fund is at $377,780.24
Sam reported that there was not a CHATS meeting.
Wadmalaw Island:
Gary Marino said that there was nothing new to report for Wadmalaw.
Old Business:
James Owens mentioned some activities at some properties near his. On one property a storage shed is being built. There is so much dust caused by the extra traffic on the road and there are some problems with the dirt road now. Sam offered to come and look at it and refer James to the appropriate County staff.
New Business:
Henry Chavis said that a reflector sign needs to be put at Commons on River Road. Sam said he will come by to look at that issue.
Rich Thomas reported on a meeting he had attended where Vince Graham who is the new head of the State Infrastructure Bank spoke. Charleston County will need to come up with $300+MM by March to keep the $420MM previously allocated for I-526. Otherwise the funds will be released for other state projects. Charleston County Council will probably try to get some of those funds for other local projects. Rich found Vince Graham( the developer of “I’On” ) to be very interesting and a deep thinker about transportation who may represent a different approach to the direction of the Infrastructure Bank. The new SCDOT Chair is Mr. Wooten who is an old school SC politician. Rich also mentioned that Charleston County will probably try to get ½ cent sales tax on the November ballot.
There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:30PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Catherine Poag, Secretary