Flyover at Main Road and 17

The intersection at Main Road and Highway 17 has been identified as requiring improvements both for safety and relief of traffic congestion. The cancellation of the I-526 extension has focused greater attention on finding funding for a grade separated interchange, or flyover.

Move forward with flyover, a Sept 6, 2015 editorial in the Post and Courier, urged County Council to push for funding for a flyover, particularly in view of the weather related traffic problems. That was before the historic October 2015 flooding and the final decision on the I-526 extension earlier this year.

County Council voted on Sept 29, 2015 to authorize staff to negotiate with SCDOT to reallocate the $1.5 Million allocated for the superstreet at Main Road and 17 to a grade separated interchange. The discussion on the vote can be found starting on page 45 of the minutes for the Sept 29 County Council meeting

The State newspaper, on Dec 15, 2015, reported on the action by the Infrastructure Bank (STIB) regarding the MCE, State board threatens to scuttle I-526 extension. A copy of the STIB resolution, setting a deadline for Charleston County to secure funding for the project shortfall, is included with the minutes for the Dec 15 Board meeting. A copy of the original Intergovernmental Agreement for the MCE is posted on the SCDOT website.

On May 26, 2016, the Post and Courier reported on STIB's action, Infrastructure Bank board closes the door on I-526 extension, following Charleston County's failure to meet the conditions for funding the project shortfall. In an editorial the following day, Turn from 526 to other road projects, the Post and Courier urged the county to press for funding for other local road improvements. The flyover for Main Road and 17 was specifically mentioned, and readers were reminded "that Charleston County undertook local road projects costing $117 million as a match for SIB support for I-526."

In a May 31, 2016 blog,, Dana Beach, Executive Director of the Coastal Conservation League, reviews some of the background on the MCE and coverage of the STIB vote to kill it.

Rep. Robert L. Brown's June 6, 2016 op ed, Recoup I-526 funds to build sorely needed flyover, points out that Main and 17 is "the most backed-up traffic intersection west of the Ashley" and further makes the case for pursuing funds previously allocated for the MCE.