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Flyover at Main Road and 17

The intersection at Main Road and Highway 17 has been identified as requiring improvements both for safety and relief of traffic congestion. The cancellation of the I-526 extension has focused greater attention on finding funding for a grade separated interchange, or flyover.

Traffic control at Maybank and River Road

The following letter relating to the traffic signals at the intersection of Maybank and River Road was sent to Mayor Tecklenburg.

Well water on Wadmalaw Island

Links to recent stories in the Charleston Post and Courier about problems with well water on Wadmalaw Island:

Court cases on Land Use Planning and Zoning

The following cases relate to challenges by landowners to the authority of planning commissions and similar agencies in South Carolina.

Could Telework reduce Johns Island Traffic Congestion?

This idea for reducing traffic problems on Johns Island was motivated by discussions at recent meetings of the Johns Island Council, a volunteer citizens group that serves as a liaison between island residents and local government. Since property developments that involve rezoning can significantly affect existing residents, the Johns Island Council encourages developers to present their plans at its regular monthly meetings in advance of their city and county planning and zoning board hearings. This gives residents a chance to learn about the proposed development and to voice their concerns.

A common theme of discussions at Johns Island Council meetings is that there is too much new development on Johns Island. This sentiment is partly just a desire to keep things as they are, but there are legitimate concerns about the adequacy of the existing infrastructure to support large new projects. Several Johns Island Council members have served on the boards of St Johns Water Company and St Johns Fire District, and have offered useful insight on infrastructure needs in those areas. What really gets everyone's attention, though, is traffic congestion, which is widely perceived to be getting worse. New development, particularly high density and commercial development, is generally seen as adding to the problem.

About Us

The Johns Island Council is a citizens group that serves as a liaison between island residents and local government. Members include Johns Island residents, property owners and business owners, and a voting representative from Wadmalaw Island.