July 6, 2017 Minutes

6 JULY 2017

Rich Thomas
Sam Brownlee
Rich Jenkins
Mary Bull
Christina White
Randall Horres
Thomas Legare
Tim Squire
Catherine Poag
Mike Leatherwood
Jackie Todd
Chris Cannon

Pledge of Allegiance

Minutes Approve
Thomas moves Randall2nd unanimous passed


Ryan Buck self storage cabinet shop on Main Rd, owned 20 years, want to expand, want to rezone a strip of land 50' x300' Wants JIC support, been here 2-3 times in past and gotten support. Sams shows map. Under 1 acre. Adjacent to facility in between 2 parcels. Now Ag want Community Commercial, downzoning industrial tract to CC to get Ag tract CC. County doesn't like industrial uses, lets too many uses that aren't attractive. Proposing this deal.

Ralph Massenburg, 12 acres Main, Humbert, 300ft on Main, working with County on planned development, will use 55% of land, single story, 400 units, boat storage, some covered, no trees removed in buffers, 75ft (45'?) in buffer, on Fire Dept side of Humbert. No access from Humbert. Another hydrant in facility. Now RR-1? Want to go to PD for 12acres, only about 6 developed, 55% natural, 30ft center console boat, 40' space. Brick veneer on front. All wooded parcel. 2 grand trees won't be cut. Landscape, no signs on bldg, monument sign in front. 9' tall sign, brick, ground lights, no stand up lights. Gates black iron.

Justin Allbright – Chisolm Rd/ Frisco Lane? Back in corner. Bought 20 acres, thought could do 8 acres and sell off, want to rezone to AGR, 1 house per acre. Buyer for 3 acres. Density met, county won't let it build – previous family sold off. Working with lawyer for HOA for 12 acre preserve. 100% forest, always been a farm. Anticipate keeping 10acres, selling off 3 lots. Along Church Creek (Pine Creek?). Want to sell 3 to raise cash to build dock or pay off. Lot of wetlands, septic issues, maximum 6 homes? 3 sites perc tested. County suggest to rezone to AGR to allow these subdivisions. Will apply in next 2 months, want JIC support. Preston Howard well driller lived in area 25 years, lived on Chisholm. Grand trees in lot, ditch along. Do an HOA along waterfront, with plans to put in other lots along creek. HOA will allow interior lots to have more value due to preserved land and community dock. Might have up to 4 lots and community dock. No covenants on land now, could do that. PUD could specify how many homesites.

Old Business

3037 (3047? is adjacent, 5.4 +20acres to build something?) Maybank – Conway? Zelasco change from business park/general office (in City) at City Planning Commission, Tues July 11 could override, not clear what changes are involved. JIC considered before and did not approve. City PC disapproved. Woman lives on corner of Cane Slash/Zelasco and spoke against it. Susan Morris, property owner at 3045, husband died after Hurricane Matthew:. “Need to sell to carry through, buyer wants medical complex. Zoned 4/acre, this would be nice to have med facilities on Johns Island. Not fight traffic to get off island, perfect thing, everyone should want it and benefit, more medical would be beneficial, buyer and owner do not know what it would be. 20Acres for sale for warehouses, will keep traffic coming/going off island. Mr. Canarin? Also selling property.” 5.4acres? Previous issue with commercial – her property v. other owner's property. 20+5.4 what will be done there, what will rezoning be? How much will be rezoned? Buyer will need to speak to rezoning, not her issue. JIC dealt with this in the past. They want it all commercial – medical up front plus warehouses in back – lot going on. Current zoning is 4units/acre – would be another subdivision. Don't know what kind of medical facility but this is what it will be. 20 acres is 6 contiguous parcels.

Rezone .45acre on Main Rd – JIC discussed, we had no problems with it, approved by BZA now, going to County Council for approval.

Request for critical buffer on Old Cedar Lane within OCRM critical buffer.

3343 Dunwick Dr Fenwick Hills, request for special exception request for manf housing, single family. Cleared 6 or 8 lots up the road, unclear what/where it is. Hearing Mon July 10 County Planning Commission.

Rezone 2704 Abbapoola from AGR to AG-8 conservation? Unclear what it is for – special events? 2.694acres. Long and narrow. July 10 County Planning Commission

County 2729 Bohicket from PD, expand uses, minor PD changes – approved by PC, coming up to County Council

Old Business

Officer Cherry and Choate spoke regarding Island issues at last meeting. Got a lot of complaints toward them, hinders their ability to help us, lot of backlash complaining against, created a lot of trouble for them. Will not likely come to future meetings due to negative reactions. Meeting at Jame Island County Library, TL spoke to their management (Lt) and expressed appreciation. RH posted on FB regarding City underfunding, understaffing, superiors got upset. RH had hoped to hear more about what we could all do, officers suggested to be vigilant, not go to park, RH thought we could get more officers. Issue about the park, someone sent to Chief who called Lt and everyone got chewed out. Steinberger published article that was mostly untrue, got back to CPD. TL thinks we are vastly understaffed. RT will write letter to CPD expressing appreciation and concern about untrue statements regarding the meeting, and to encourage more police presence on the island. I moved, TL seconded.
Discussion: POs had our best interests in mind. We were disappointed about repercussions since they had come to build relationships and support the island – misrepresentation of meeting – Steinberger's post and picture. Someone at meeting shared information. Brian White: officers opened up, got backlash, now will start speaking “politically” and not be as open. Mention keeping an officer on island at all times. Stats have gone way up, arrests way up, working hard. Park closed at dark so that was accurate. Backlash was due to comments. CCannon read Steinberger's post. Vote: unanimous 12 votes.

Catherine: old business – concerns about police protection – county as well? Send letter to County asking for additional support. CGW – statistics on number of residents, incidents, support more LE presence? Send letter to Al Cannon? Ask Cannon to come meet with us? City/County come to speak. TL: 15-20k residents on Johns Island – would make us 15th largest city in SC, close to Hanahan size, hanahan have 33 officers, 24 patrol officers. County 2 officers for 4 islands, 2 City. MtP have 60k people, 170 police officers. County move fast, City not as excitable. More marked presence? Fair amount of unmarked. Motion for letter to Sheriff to come discuss LE – Catherine will draft letter for invite and update on current staffing, traffic, crime, etc. – Aug or Sept? When someone gets in touch with Chris he can set the date. All in favor, passes.

New business.

Pat Cline, Jean Howard, Constituency Board for District 9 schools – Town Hall meeting July 19 6PM at SJHS. School board members will be there.

Treasurer Report

June no expenses $569.06
JISF May 31 $400,714.45

Sam moves to adjourn, Rich J seconds, approved.