July 5, 2012 Minutes

Johns Island Council
P.O. Box 208, Johns Island, SC 29457

Minutes of July 5, 2012

Members attending: Sam Brownlee, Chris Cannon, Rich Jenkins, Thomas Legare, Gary Marino, James Owens, Catherine Poag , Rich Thomas, and
Jean Townsend.

Call to Order; Pledge of Allegiance

Minutes of June 7, 2012
Upon motion duly made and seconded, the June 7, 2012, minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report - Sam Brownlee
There were no expenditures for the month of June - the balance remains $515.31.

Chairman’s Report - (Chris Cannon)

By Laws - Chris reported copies of the By-Laws were distributed to members of Council. Chris mentioned that there are one or two minor changes he will recommend. Thomas Legare also has some changes - all to be discussed at another meeting.

Land Use - There were several requests that were approved - 3461 Maybank Highway, request for "Office Warehouse/Commercial Transitional, and 2951 Maybank Highway regarding removal of trees.

Next month the County Board of Zoning will consider a special exception for 1015 and 1019 Corbett’s Alley to establish a landscaping business on the property.

Old Business -Chris reported a letter (e-mail) was sent from the Council to Charleston County Council stating the Johns Island Council went on record as opposing any recommendation by Charleston County Council to add the Sea Island Greenway/Johns Island Expressway to the Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Governments’ funding list.

The Johns Island Council also intends to send a letter of interested parties regarding improving the intersection of Maybank and River Roads. That letter has not been sent as of yet.

Sea Island Greenway - Sam Brownlee reported he, Thomas Legare and Rich Thomas had attended a meeting on Saturday, June 16, 2012 at the Johns Island Library called by Reverend Michael Mack and attended by County Council Members Teddie Pryor and Henry Darby to discuss the "Sea Island Greenway" project. County Council member Anna Johnson also attended, though she had not been notified of it beforehand. The total attendance was approximately 25. The meeting was called to encourage support for the project; however Reverend Mack was the only one who showed support for the project.

Community Roads - At last month’s meeting, Council member James Owens had a question about the County’s new policy regarding "Community Roads." He was given contact information and said he thinks the matter has been cleared up. James also asked how would one go about getting a "DEAD END" sign placed on his street. Sam suggested he call the State Department of Transportation 740-1655 (State Highway Dept.) and ask for the "Sign Division."

Kiawah River Plantation (The Beach Company - Thomas Legare moved that the Johns Island Council send a letter to Charleston County Council opposing Charleston County establishing a Tax Increment Financing District for property known as Kiawah River Plantation. The motion was seconded by Rich Jenkins, and unanimously passed. A letter will be immediately written to Charleston County Council.

New Business
Chris spoke of a recent article in the Post & Courier regarding "merging" referring to signs like that on the Stono River Bridge.
Drivers are still not using the "merge" lanes properly. Chris will write a letter to the Highway Department and request two more alternate merge signs be placed on the Stono Bridge.

Scholarship Fund - Sam reported the fund was doing well - with a current balance of $331,966.86. At some point in time Council needs to work towards scholarships for next year, to consider guidelines, etc.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Jean Townsend - Secretary