January 8, 2015 Minutes

John’s Island Council
Post Office Box 208
John’s Island, South Carolina 29457

Minutes of January 8, 2015

Members Attending: Sam Brownlee, Chris Cannon, Jean Townsend, Rich Thomas, Monica Smith, Henry Chavis, Catherine Poag, Rich Jenkins

Upon a motion duly made and seconded, the minutes of December 4, 2014 meeting were approved.

Presentation by Eric Brooks and Mike re: Plans for a Microbrewery on John’s Island:Eric Brooks and Mike introduced themselves and presented their plans to location a microbrewery on Maybank Highway in a vacant building across from the Post Office and next to Wild Olive. The brewery has zoning approval as a business for that site. They will be working with Sweetgrass Farm, an organic farm on John’s Island, to dispose of the used grain. They would like also to have a Tasting Room open 2-7, Wednesday- Saturday. The limit would be 3 pints per day per person per state law. They have spoken with the neighbor next door and that individual has no objections to having a tasting room. Due to the distance to that neighbor’s property, Eric and Mike have to get additional zoning approved for the tasting room. The Council members were all supportive of the plan. Catherine Poag made a motion to send a letter to Zoning in support of approval of the Zoning Variance they are requesting. Rich Jenkins seconded and the motion was approved. Eric and Mike had already prepared a form with appropriate wording which was signed by Chris as JI Council Chair( instead of sending a separate letter) and then JI Council members also signed as individuals from Johns Island. Eric and Mike were thanked for their presentation and we look forward to their business opening and wished them success.

Chairman’s Report:
1)Chair Chris Cannon reported that the application for?????? has been deferred.
2)There is a zoning change request for 3 residential properties(adjoining) to be changed to commercial. Not sure what kind of commercial—perhaps a PUD.
3)The new tower on Main Road that Berkeley Electric wants to build is an item at next County Council.
4)Minor change in zoning setback for property on Old Chisholm Road was approved.
5)The request to approve removal of several grand trees on River Road was approved. The County had already removed the trees and was asking for “after the action approval”. Money will have to be placed in a County Fund.
6) At the City level there was a 4 ½ hour meeting of Zoning about the 40 some trees that several contractors had asked for removal approval. There was a tremendous turnout of those opposed to this. One or two request were withdrawn or deferred and several others were changed to smaller quantities. Chris consulted with the City Zoning department to see what their position was. The Zoning Department was working with some of the “requestees” to lower the number of trees or in some cases to change the plans to leave established trees. Chris went through the list of approved removals on property on John’s Island .
All members of John’s Island Council agreed that we must continue to monitor all zoning change requests and tree removal requests. Robin and Jenny played an important role in bringing the tree removal issue to public attention and the turnout of people at the Zoning Meeting was a result of their efforts.

Treasurer’s Report:
Treasurer Sam Brownlee reported a balance of $842.06. There was an approved expense of $25 as a donation to St. Stephens Church in memory of Bernice Owens, James Owens’ wife. The balance of the Scholarship Fund is $380,081.45--

Wadmalaw Island:
Monica Smith reported that Berkeley Electric came out and spoke at the Wadmalaw meeting about the new electric meters. A number of Wadmalaw residents came. Monica said she was surprised that they were told that anyone who did not want anew meter would have to pay $90 a month for a meter reader. That was never mentioned by Berkeley Electric when they came to the JI Council. Monica introduced Dr. Karen Simmons who is interested in becoming a member of the John’s Island Council. Chris suggested that a formal nomination be made at the next meeting. Karen is also a member of the District 9 Constituent Board. Monica was congratulated on her reelection to that Board.

Old Business:
Henry Chavis mentioned that the Log Cabin Homes on Main Road had been approved.
Rich Thomas reported that the current plan is for the Burden Creek Bridge replacement project to start in May or June and will not be completed until year end at the earliest. The water company has to move some lines and had never been consulted in the planning process. There is no timetable yet for Hoopstick Bridge replacement. To work on both projects at the same time would create a traffic nightmare.

Scholar’s Fund:
Rich Thomas reviewed the information that he will be submitting as needed in the 501c3 application process. The name will be the John’s Island Scholars Fund. Rich Thomas will be listed as the registered agent with his address for now. It will be a Public Benefit Corporation. The Board for the Fund will be composed of Johns Island Council members &. Sam, Rich, Catherine and Monica expressed an interest serving on this board. It will be separately incorporated from the John’s Island Council.

New Business: None

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 8:35. The next meeting will be Thursday, February 5th.

Respectfully submitted,
Catherine Poag, Secretary (Extraordinaire)