October 2, 2014 Minutes

John’s Island Council
Post Office Box 208
John’s Island, South Carolina 29457

Minutes of October 2, 2014 Meeting

Members attending: Sam Brownlee, Chris Cannon, John Kozma, Mike Leatherwood, Thomas Legare, James Owens, Catherine Poag, Rich Thomas, Monica Smith

Introductions and Presentations by Political Candidates:
Following the pledge of allegiance, Chairman Chris Cannon welcomed all those in attendance and gave a brief explanation of the format for the evening. Since Chris was also a candidate, Sam Brownlee was the moderator when Chris and Leon Stavinakis spoke. The time limits and rebuttal times were defined and it was noted that a signal would be given when time was almost up. Time was to be allotted for questions from the audience to which each candidate would be allowed to respond. The candidates were:

State House District-- Chris Cannon and Leon Stavinakis
State House District-- Robert Brown and Carroll O’Neal
County School Board Seat-- Eric Mack and Ed
County Council District 8-- Thomas Legare
Constituent School Board-- Monica Smith

Following the presentations, the Johns Island Council held a brief meeting.

Upon a motion duly made and seconded, the minutes of September 4, 2014 meeting were approved.

Chairman’s Report
Chairman Chris Cannon mentioned some zoning items that are still pending including an item at River Gardens, a variance on Legareville Road was approved, a party permit was issued to a property and a variance on Mary Ann Point Road was approved. Nothing new in either the City or County Zoning.

Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer Sam Brownlee reported that there had been no expenses so the balance remains at $842.06.

Sam reported that there will be a meeting this coming Monday.

Wadmalaw Island
Monica Smith said there was nothing new to report.

Old Business
Rich has worked on a draft for the bylaws for the Scholars Fund and will email the draft.

New Business
A woman who had attended the Candidates Forum expressed her appreciation to the JICouncil for making arrangements to hold a Candidates Forum.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted
Catherine B. Poag, Secretary Extraordinaire